Latte 212

Vintage-modern 212 construction


The Latte is made of reinforced 18mm ply all around. Baffle set in groove with two horizontal ports designed to move acoustic pressure waveforms produced by the speaker cone moving backwards in phase with the original sound, thus producing more volume and attack. Front-loaded speakers.


This cab is designed with a guitarist looking for a somewhat vintage and tweedier sound in mind. We recommend mounting two Creamback H75s. The construction of this particular cab is an effort to fuse the best of vintage and modern technologies, walking a fine line between the tones of a 212 combo and a more airy, open and defined overdrive tone. The Latte is best friends with Creambacks or Fane F70s. A true jack of all trades excelling in everything ranging from progressive metal, hard-rock or alternative rock to jazzy tones.

Clean: Sparkly and tweedy

Overdrive: Crunch extraordinaire

Highs: Sparkly and glassy

Mids: Full and crispy

Bass: Tight and pleasant

Dimensions & weight:

(H x W x L)

560 x 330 x 750 / 30Kg